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برنامج الأكاديمية 2015

Syrian International Academy (SIA)

The “Syrian International Academy” has been established in Damascus as a specialized educational organization devoted to training and development and run in cooperation with an elite group of expercts who are also specialized in education.

SIA specializations:
  • Mass Communications
  • Public Relations
  • International and Diplomatic affairs
SIA Vision

SIA is seeking individuals to become part of a creative Arabic staff, generally of Syrian background. This elite faculty would teach courses in Mass Communications, Public Relations, plus, International and Diplomatic affairs. Therefore the individuals must be qualified to deal with and communicate about current international and domestic events. This is necessary because part of the mandate of SIA is to improve locial communities and their involvement in international affairs. Thus, the individuals should be qualified to deal with and communicate on today’s local and world affairs.
SIA Message:

SIA has been conceived of in response to the rhythm of the modern age and what that age demands in the fields of fields “Mass Communications,” “Public Relations,” and “International affairs."

SIA is seeking to build a foundation on correct principles and concepts of the aforementioned specialties. SIA will establish a solid base to raise the standard of performance for individuals working in these fields in both the private and public sectors. SIA is aiming to raise the present-day standards to better manage modern-day affairs; and to respond to the developments in these fields through establishing (1) general educational training courses and (2) higher specialized courses. These specialized courses will insure a professional education that will improve the students capabilities beyond their initial training and assist them in retaining their certification.
SIA training strategies:
SIA training strategy has been built on two bases:
1. Providing specialized scientific knowledge
2. Offering condensed training, enabling the trained to implement practical knowledge, thereby closing the gap between theoretical knowledge and actual practice.

SIA social role:
SIA has been established within the general context of the current processes being used in modernization and development of Syria and other Arab countries based on present day policies, plans, and programs in order to better serve the country of Syria.

SIA Goals:
SIA is seeking to achieve the following goals:
1- Establish deeply-rooted scientific knowledge in the field of its specializations.
2- Strengthen the Syrian cultures relationship to mass communication, public relations and diplomatic affairs;
3- Continually recertifying the working staff through providing them with opportunities to enhance both their theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
Mechanism of achieving goals:
1- SIA will seek and employ elite experts, specialists, and trainers in order to maintain and improve modern developed educational and training programs.
2- SIA will concentrate on improving present day practices and following through with implementation of improvements once they have been identified.
SIA training and educational levels:
1- Various short–term courses covering all SIA specializations.
2- Courses organized and conducted by SIA in cooperation with its partners offering:
a. Academic Diploma
b. Professional Diploma
c. Master of Science (through being only scientific and administrative agent of Arab universities).
d. PhD (through being the scientific and administrative agent of Arab universities).
SIA Partners:
1- Aljazeera Media Training Centre in Qatar.
2- International Public Relations Association (IPRA)
3- Russian International Agencies ( RIANOVESTY)
4- International Group of France Radio (RFI)
5- Sadat Academy for Management sciences (SAMS)
6- London College of Computing and Management

Media and Political Activities:

SIA regularly conducts diplomatic and media activities such as:
1- Round table discussions: This is conducted monthly providing a forum for discussion of important topics in education, society, and politics. This round table allows the audience to meet with high – ranking professionals (Arab and foreign ambassadors, experts, officials, professors, and authors)
2- Media forums: A monthly forum is held at SIA press centre in order to discuss any international or local media issues. It is attended by various experts who are specialized in media or other related fields. Moreover, in the framework of the forum, SIA may organize meetings between Arab and foreign journalists to discuss issues of concern for both sides.
3- Workshops: SIA on an irregular basis organizes workshops and scientific forums in cooperation with different organizations dealing with fundamental issues/cases related the SIA’s basic specializations.
SIA Infrastructure
SIA is provided with well-equipped Infrastructure which suits its courses and activities. It contains:
  • TV. Studio.
  • Radio studio.
  • Classrooms equipped with modern technologies.
  • Conference Room.
Questions about SIA

What is about SIA admission system?
Conditions of admission are defined according to the course(s) or programs in question and the student’s educational level.
The number of admitted students is determined by each course or program, and the educational level that will insure the best training circumstances.
Generally, all applications will be reviewed by the" Scientific Council" who will determine the admittance of each student on the basis of their certificates, experience, available placement and registration priority.
Students admitted will be informed as to procedures for registration.
What is about teaching languages?
Arabic and English are the two established languages for teaching in all branches, levels and courses.

Can Arab students join SIA?
Yes, Arab students have the right to join SIA provided they meet the bylaws and conditions of SIA.

What is the nature of the scientific materials provided by SIA?
SIA provides its students and trainers with:
1- Books and electronic materials
2- Audio and video material
3- Practical training, which form 70% of the training process
4- Interactive scientific material which depend on the internet technique
Are SIA certifications acceptable abroad?
1- SIA is a training organization, legally and fully acknowledge in Syria and other countries which have diplomatic relations with Syria.
2- As for certificate equalization in the other countries, actually, it is related to the educational regulation in each country, in which SIA can't interfere. However, PhD and Master Certificates are acknowledged world-wide because they are issued by foreign universities or Arab ones which belong to "the Arab Union of Universities."
What is about high education in SIA?
SIA has signed many agreements with foreign and Arab universities whose certificates are internationally acknowledged; SIA is certified as their agent in Syria, allowing SIA to teach the courses from that university, saving students the expense of having to travel and live in the home country of the university.

What is about military service?
SIA provides all qualifying students of Master and PhD with an official document. This document can be used as certification of their being educated in the particular field of expertise. SIA cannot interfere in such administrative or exclusive matters beyond certification or graduation.

What are the certificates granted by SIA?
SIA grants the following certificates:
1- Certificate of accomplishing a course issued by SIA
2- International certificate of participating in a training course, issued by SIA and its partner.
3- Certificate of accomplishing a training program credited a certified by SIA.
4- Certificate of an academic diploma credited a certified by SIA.
5- Certificate of a professional diploma credited a certified by SIA.
6- Master certificate issued by the university which SIA represents in Syria
7- A PhD Certificate issued by the University that SIA represents in Syria.
Does SIA offer scholarship?
Yes, SIA offers its students and trainers scholarship as the following:
11- Six scholarships granted to the first graduated students in media department – Damascus University –in both the regular and open learning education systems.
2- Special discount offered to all students of Syrian universities.
3- Special discount offered to the students whose parents work in teaching field.
4- 50% of the registration fees may be refunded to the student whose average is over 95 %.

Are there special regulations that I must follow to study at SIA?
Yes, every student is usually provided with a copy of the regulations carried out in SIA that define the rights and duties of each student, as well as all administrative and legal issues related to the training and teaching process in SIA.

How can students of foreign nationalities pay fees?
SIA will inform him/her about the method of payment following the acceptance of his/her application.

For more information, you may contact us on
Tele : 00963116122067
Mobile : 00963991002272
Site :
Greek Embassy- Farabi Street- Mezzeh Highway - Damascus

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