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Issuing the Program of the British Royal Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) in the Arab World | SIA
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برنامج الأكاديمية 2015

Issuing the Program of the British Royal Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) in the Arab World

For the first time in Damascus and the Arab World, the British Royal Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) (United Kingdom),  in collaboration with the Syrian International Academy (Damascus), and Al-Jazeera Media Center for Training and Development (Qatar), announce the issuing of the program of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). The program offers the following:
- CIPR Diploma for Training and Development (Syrian Arab Republic)
- Programs of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (Foundation level & Advanced level)
The   Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) joins the European Union of Public Relations & it is a foundation member in the International Union of Public Relations and Communication Management.  


During the celebration attended by H.E. the Syrian Ambassador in UK, Dr. Sami Al-Khiami, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Hurr- Manager of Al-Jazeera Media Center for Training and Development, the Trustee and Administration Board of the Syrian International Academy, Dr. Wael M'alla, Chairman of Damascus University, some residing Arab and foreign ambassadors and diplomats in Damascus, and Ms. Suzanne Wolstenholme- representative of the CIPR, Dr. Nezar Mihoub, Chairman of the Syrian International Academy for Training and Development, on the important role of the public relations in the contemporary life assuming that the issuing of CIPR program represents a new era for this profession & specialization in the whole Arab region. This is due to its preparing both western and Arab experiences crowning study and academic efforts represented by a huge translation & arabization project for Public Relations methods and books. The first part of the project will be finished during the year 2008 providing the Arabic library with this lacking category of books. He concluded that such concepts like communication, dialog, understanding, cooperation, social responsibility, trust and reputation are real PR concepts.

Dr. Mihoub alluded to what the Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandi, said about the Public Relations describing it as the oil of democracy. He also added that she is the owner of the main role in enhancing reputation and image of institutions, individuals, governments and even countries. Dr. Mihoub also clarified that PR is the philosophy of social and human relations because it works as a fine equation that fits all parties. It also makes people's awareness deeper in the problems of modern societies by seeing society as a complete whole able to solve its problems not by struggle rather by common cooperation and responsibility. Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Hurr, manager of Al-Jazeera Media Training & Development Center, alluded to the importance of the CIPR programs in changing the wrong stereotyped PR image for the public, companies and those who work in this domain in the Arab World. A matter that disadvantaged these institutions trying to show the relation between reputation management and the management of institutions. Dr. AL-Hurr said that Al-Jazeera has changed information concept in the Arab World while seeking to achieve wanted change in institutions and Arab countries and changing the image of these countries especially after setting up "Al-Jazeera in English." He also explained the importance of the participation in the CIPR due to its serious scientific material and its high qualifications to achieve its advanced certificate and the Diploma in this domain which is equal to the most highly qualified universities in the world; a statement of which is also assured by Dr. Mihoub.              


Concerning the issuing of CIPR, Al-Hurr assured his strong belief in the importance of activating this project in the Arab Region considering this as a personal and institutional incarnation of the need of its issuing in some centers in the Arab World starting in Syria, Qatar and Emirates. He also noted force sides in the institutions that adopted the idea of its issuing in the Arab World; namely, CIPR, Al-Jazeera, Syrian International Academy, will allow training for institutions on the right-method basis to manage its reputation in the right way. An Arabic version of the CIPR is set in the Arab region to allow those who would like to answer their questions.
Ms. Suzanne Wolstenholme , representative of the CIPR in the Arab World, clarified the Public Relations means reputation and building long-term relations depending on trust. She also assured that PR is not separated from truth. It rather takes care of the best way to reveal truth.
Ms. Wolstenholme, showed the institute's programs in the Arab World as follows:
•    Short foundation courses in Public Relations
•    Advanced courses in Public Relations.
•    CIPR diploma that enables its owner form pursuing the Master's Degree then the PH Degree in this specialization.
She also alluded to the existence of a special program for executive managers who work in this domain titled "Leadership for Reputation" for training means. Training in the CIPR program requires 300 hours of contribution in the Public Relations domain whether by attending conferences or specialized meetings and the contribution with studies and researches in this domain.   


CIPR representative also assured in her show that the institute's centers will be established both in Syrian and Qatar in cooperation with the Syrian International Academy for Training and Development, as a part of world net of the institute. The cooperation of those three institutions came to prepare and qualify experts in this domain in order to surpass wrong applications of the PR concept in the Arab World. The scientific material of this program identifies the applied method in Britain including social sciences and social responsibility of institutions in administration, especially PR practical skills, building relations and friendships as a means for verbal and non-verbal communication, critical thinking (critique of ideas and theories to derive just decision and to build long-term relationships), problem solving & crises and negotiations administration, in addition to training trainees on the recognition of creation and how to deal with media to create knowledge about the other side of the world avoiding struggle. Within this perspective, it is worth noting how important is the existence of Al-Jazeera Media Center for Training and Development as a part of an Arab media network that has changed the Arab information concept and worked on transferring the true image about the Arab reality.

As for the students of this program in the Arab World, Ms. Wolstenholme assured that they'll join the institute's world network including Britain, China, Croatia, Ukraine, Romania, Cyprus, Syria and Qatar, having their papers and researches published on the institute's website accessing the scientific network for trainees.
During the celebration, Ms. Wolstenholme gave eight experts in the Arab World the CIPR Diploma and a Trainer's Certificate allowing its owner to teach/train CIPR Program, after their finishing a one-year-training program in Qatar.