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GMU Student Delegation Arrives at Damascus & Starts Activities | SIA
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برنامج الأكاديمية 2015

GMU Student Delegation Arrives at Damascus & Starts Activities

After they had arrived to Damascus, the delegation of George Mason University upper studies students, Diplomacy & Conflict Resolution Dept, USA went through the visit schedule. The beginning was a presentation by the Director of the Center on Religion, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University Prof. Marc Gopin, then a presentation by Dr. Sami al-Mobai'yed about Syria's modern history.

The seven-day visit will include lectures and workshops by business practitioners, and experts and specialists in relevant disciplines. The delegation will also meet the Presidential Consultant for Media Affairs Dr. Bothaina Sha'baan, the Mufti Sheikh Ahmed Hassoun of Syria, President of Damascus University Dr. Wa'el Mo'alla and the Lebanese former minister of media Michel Samaha.

Tours to archaeological and religious sites in Old Damascus, Seidnaya, Maloula and Palmyra are on the delegation's schedule. Also they will attend the graduation of the Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution class students, the first not only in Syria but the Arab region. The certificates will be authenticated by both GMU and The Syrian International Academy.
Diplomatic Programs & International Cooperation Dept in SIA signed cooperation agreement with GMU's Center on Religion, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution, represented by Prof. Gopin. The event was covered by a number of journalists and media agencies, and attended by the Moroccan Ambassador in Syria Abdulwahab Ballouqi and Head of Ma'aarej Forum for Religion Dialogue Sheikh Hussien Shehadeh.

Prof. Gopin expressed his happiness to sign the agreement, a step towards the spread of diplomatically conflict resolution culture among peoples. "More than 400 students from different countries round the world, such as Palestine, Israel and Egypt, are learning in these centers how to think in order to resolve problems of their countries," said he. "The coordination between the two centers in GMU and SIA will help trainers practically carry out their expertise and value their ability to train and learn from mistakes."
SIA Chairman Dr. Nizar Meihoub said the agreement includes "cooperation between the two parties to train Arab workers in diplomacy and ministries of foreign affairs [as well as] trainers exchange, with possibility that the agreement might be extended to granting GMU master and doctorate certificates to SIA students."
"There will also be a round table for world decision leaders that will link them via TV screens to discuss the most prominent issues. […] Implementation of the agreement is in the coming few months, as the nine-month International and Diplomatic Affairs Diploma will be taught in SIA via video conference tech to cut down fees on students," said Dr. Meihoub.

This agreement is part of SIA's whole plan to work and cooperate with the biggest centers in international universities to benefit from their expertise in diplomacy.