The Cinema & TV Directing Diploma Program

In Partnership with the G.E. for Television & Radio Production

Making films and drama series is one of the most powerful and creative techniques for telling stories, communicating ideas, and influencing the minds of large numbers of people, thereby influencing their behaviors and lifestyles.

This art can introduce people to different worlds and, when done correctly, people can travel through these worlds and be fascinated by their characters, places and ideas.

The Program’s Main Objective

This program aims to improve the competencies and skills of those who work—or wish to work—in the field of cinema and TV directing by providing them with theoretical knowledge and hands-on training, thus arming them with directing skills, the basic principles of cinematography, video editing, production, and other skills necessary for working in film and TV production.

Program Content

  • Cinema & TV directing.
  • Production engineering.
  • The basic principles of cinematography and lighting.
  • The basic principles of sound and audio mixing.
  • The fundamentals of digital video editing and visual effects.
  • Script writing.
  • Working with actors.
  • The most important trends in the world of international cinema.
  • Soundtrack fundamentals.

The Diploma Certificate

Graduates are awarded certificates issued by the G.E. for Television & Radio Production and the Syrian International Academy, and attested by the Syrian Ministries of Information and Foreign Affairs.

Detailed Objectives

Arming the student with the following skills:

  • A deep understanding of the fundamentals of visual storytelling.
  • The traits and roles of a director.
  • A deeper understanding of a director’s role in leading a TV/cinema project and encouraging teamwork during the different stages of production.
  • An understanding of the recurring problems and how to address them.
  • Video production and digital editing skills.
  • Leading and guiding teams, including actors, technicians, and administrators.
  • The professional production of drama movies and TV programs.
  • A deep understanding of the different stages of production, including pre-production, production, and post-production.
  • Movie and TV production in alternative formats, such as music videos and TV commercials.
  • A hands-on experience in production, cinematography, and production techniques.

Program Duration

1,100 hours divided over training sessions and in-class lectures, in addition to 100 hours of workshops.

These are distributed over the course of two years (18 months).

Entry Requirements

High school diploma (scientific or literary).

Must be 35 years old or younger.

Applicants will undergo an oral interview in general knowledge—shortlisted applicants will undergo a workshop for selecting the most qualified.


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Note: The Syrian International Academy offers special tuition fees for Syrian trainees