Public Relations Books

Political Public Relations: Principles and Applications

by Philip J. Professor Kitchen

Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns

by Anne Gregory (Translated by: Adeeb Khaddour)

The Best Ways for Dealing with The Media

by George Myrles (Translated by: Dr. Hanan Al-Ghafri)

Public Relations Writing: The Essentials of Style and Format

by Thomas Bivins (Translated by: Adeeb Khaddour)

Managing PR Departments

by Michael Bird (Translated by: Hossam Addin Khaddour)

The Psychological Foundations of Public Relations

by Dr. Nezar Mohoub

Introduction to Public Relations

by Dr. Nezar Mohoub

Public Opinion

by Dr. Nezar Mohoub

Teach Yourself PR

by Angela Murray (Translated by: Hossam Addin Khaddour)

Everything You Should Know About Public Relations

by Anthony Davis (Translated by: Hossam Addin Khaddour)

Effective Public Relations

Translated by: Dr. Mahdi Dakhlallah

The Theories of Public Relations

by Raef Tench and Liz Somans

Effective Media Relations: How to Get Results (PR in Practice)

by Michael Bland, Alison Theaker, and David W. Wragg (Translated by: Dr. Mahdi Dakhlallah)

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