SIA’s Mission, Vision and Values

| Mission

SIA is keen to qualify and develop manpower in private and government institutions so that they can efficiently and distinctly perform their tasks.

This is done through providing individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills for performing their tasks according to the highest standards.

We continuously improve and develop our training programs and delivery methods.

We aim to build strong partnerships with local private and public companies, as well as regional and international organizations engaged in activities related to SIA’s field of work and expertise.

We are keen on acquiring and sharing up-to-date knowledge, in addition to organizing seminars, panel discussions, and conferences.

We conduct and publish studies, researches, books, and references in SIA’s areas of specialty.

We provide consultancy services to ministries and international and regional organizations to improve their various activities.

| Vision

SIA aims to occupy an advanced status in the field of training in the Arab world by employing the experience it accumulated over the course that spans a decade, it partnerships with leading international training and development organizations, and improving capacities.

To achieve this, we have developed specialized programs, signed agreements, partnered with experts, and established a competent infrastructure.

| Our Values

Flexibility: We carry out our work with great flexibility and efficiency.

Cooperation: Teamwork is very essential for our work. We are transparent and cooperative, and we share knowledge and skills.

Innovation: We always strive to improve our performance, the quality of our programs, and the creative capacities of our staff.

Excellence: We ensure that our programs are implemented according to the highest standards.

Responsibility: We take responsibility for the services and products we provide, and we aim to uphold the values of humility, transparency, and efficiency in everything we do.