Media Diploma

Media Diploma

This program aims to provide the trainee with the skills and information necessary to practice work in the field of qualitative qualification for media cadres, and to raise the capabilities of those wishing to work in the media field, in various fields of media work (press, radio, television, news agencies, and electronic media).

Detailed objectives of the program

By the end of this program, the trainee will be able and competent to perform the following tasks:

-Increasing trainees’ knowledge and information in the media field of all types and specializations

-Keeping trainees abreast of the latest cognitive and technological developments in the field of media

-Providing trainees with the necessary skills to develop their administrative competence in media institutions

-Developing trainees’ positive attitudes to interact with media work and with workers in media institutions.

-Raising the level of trainees’ performance through qualitative practical training in the field of journalism and media

- Increasing the individual’s ability to think creatively, enabling him to adapt to his work and develop it constructively.

Certificate: After graduating from the diploma, the trainee will obtain a certificate certified by the Union of Journalists and the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Number of hours: 300 study and training hours.

Duration of study for the diploma: one full academic year, nine months.

Available live only.

Fees: 7,500,000, with the possibility of dividing the fees into several installments during the study period.

Available discounts:

10% for military personnel and families of martyrs

10% for siblings registered in one of the diplomas

10% for those enrolled in more than one diploma.

Requirement for registration in the diploma: Must have a high school diploma as a minimum.

Registration requirements:

-A certified copy of the last certificate obtained.

-A copy of your personal ID.