Diploma in Crisis and Disaster Management

Crisis and Disaster Management diploma

.This program is designed to meet the training needs in the local labor market, based on the national professional standard

The aim of the diploma program

This program aims to provide the trainee with the skills and information necessary to practice work in the field of crisis and disaster management in ministries, international governmental organizationsand non-governmental institutions, in accordance with contemporary scientific theories in crisis and disaster management, and modern work methods in field work

Prescribed subjects

-Management science (general introduction)

-Disasters and crises (general introduction)

-Natural disasters (general introduction)

-Risk management/crisis and disaster risk management

-Management of industrial risks and occupational safety

-Risk management using geoinformatics techniques

Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction

-Economic and financial management in disasters and crises

-Managing economic crises

-Managing financial crises

-Administrative crisis management

-Managing work teams

-Emergency preparedness and planning

-National strategies for disaster reduction

Relief and shelter

-Search, rescue and evacuation.

-Sphere Project.

-Disaster logistics management

-National organizations and civil society

-Methodology for assessing emergency needs after disasters

-Methodology for integrated assessment of damages, losses and reconstruction

-Methodology of psychological and social interventions after disasters

-Cash interventions and livelihood programming after disasters and crises

-Reconstruction and sustainability principles after disasters

-Humanitarian response within the framework of the United Nations

-Mechanisms for international cooperation in disaster situations

-Public relations and reputation management (individuals - institutions - countries)

-Negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution

-Crisis media and media appearances (official spokesman)

-The institutional and legislative structure for disaster management in Syria

-Analysis of the national response to the February 6, 2023 earthquake disaster

-Fundamentals of research methodology

-Graduation Project


Certificate: After graduating from the diploma, the trainee will obtain a certificate certified by the Syrian Ministry of Administrative Development and Foreign Affairs.
Number of hours: 300 study hours.
Duration of study for the diploma: one full academic year, nine months.
Available on site and remotely.
Fees: 7,500,000, with the possibility of dividing the fees into several installments during the study period.

Available discounts: 10% for military personnel and families of martyrs / 10% for brothers registered in one diploma / 10% for those registered in more than one diploma.

Requirement for registration in the diploma: Must have a high school diploma as a minimum.

Registration requirements

-A certified copy of the last certificate obtained.

-A copy of your personal ID.